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WIYE leverages a best-in-breed partnership to provide an environment that is an immersive experience allowing camp’s philosophy to be borne out through exploratory learning. WIYE has been developed by two of the most recognized names in youth development and innovation in the United States. Youth Venture is recognized globally as a leader in developing international programs and curricula that foster change and innovation, imbuing young people with the critical skills they will need to be both socially responsible and economically successful in the 21st century. Oasis Children’s Services is a nationally recognized youth development organization that has been running award winning day camp, after school, holiday, and specialty enrichment programs since 2000.

From passion into Action - The Changemaker journey

WIYE will harness the energy, excitement, and vibrancy of college campuses to bring together up to 50 young aspiring entrepreneurs in each of four two-week cohorts. The program will be held on college campuses, utilizing all of the magnificent facilities and providing opportunities to interact with leading faculty and researchers across multiple disciplines. These cohorts will serve as intensive, innovative incubators, where participants will learn, grow, and hone the skills needed to develop products and/or companies that can be successful in the 21st century.

WIYE will run from 9 am to 4 pm, with regularly scheduled late night hack-a-thons, allowing participants to take full advantage of the innovative ethos that is so integral to the success of this program. There would be two age groupings: grades 5-8 and grades 9-12. Within these age groupings teams of between 3-6 entrepreneurs will work together led by mentors from leading business schools, guest presenters from some of the leading-edge businesses in the world, Ashoka Fellows, and other noted thought leaders. The goal of this program is to draw on the rich diversity within and around New York City and, therefore, we expect to have between 2-4 scholarship participants in each two-week cohort who are sponsored by private sector partners, such as Google, LinkedIn, and Capital One.

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"When I was in college, Youth Venture supported me to start Durham Community Consulting, a community development internship program for local students. My partners and I were very excited about the project, but also nervous starting out, and it was incredibly encouraging to know that Youth Venture believed in our idea and that they were also supporting thousands of other young people with similar opportunities. Starting Durham Community Consulting introduced me to community leaders in Durham, NC, where I was amazed by the cross-sector commitment to local progress and inspired to spend my career working on public-private partnerships for economic development."

Alison Dorsey
City and State Partnerships, LinkedIn

"We are the place that is preparing young people, equipping them at the beginning of their lives and careers. Embedding social entrepreneurship as a pillar of our education system is a strategy to change the trajectory of lives, either for people going into nonprofits with scaling strategies and dreams, or into the corporate world with an understanding of social responsibility."

Alan Harlam, Director of Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship
Brown University's Swearer Center for Public Service

“There is nothing more important than ensuring that young people are empowered to make a difference; to feel that they are not bystanders but active participants in making the world a better place. The summer program developed by Ashoka’s Youth Venture for Oasis Children’s Services does exactly that."

Lior Ipp, CEO
The Roddenberry Foundation

As a serial entrepreneur from an early age, James learned the value of embodying a work ethic dedicated to serving the needs of his customers. He went on to found an online e-commerce company in 1997, that was one of the first to successfully serve the e-business needs of thousands of online professions. Upon his retirement in 2008, he's been committed to fostering a youth led social enterprise movement throughout Long Island schools and youth organizations. Through social enterprise experiential learning, he believes Long Island youth can strengthen their civic engagement and equip themselves with 21st century team building and leadership skills.

James Komosinski, Co-Founder
Lift up Long Island

Our Partners

Ashoka’s Youth Venture is an international community of young changemakers. Our community aims to help an entire generation of young people take initiative to improve their communities now and throughout their lives. Youth Venture works with partners – schools, organizations, businesses, parents – to support teams of young people to launch and lead their own “Ventures” - community-benefiting initiatives, clubs, organizations and businesses. Teams access workshops, adult allies (non-controlling adult team advisors), a global network of like-minded young changemakers, and earned income tools to establish their own Ventures that solve problems around them. Our teams have created AIDS education campaigns, composting cafeterias, invented more fuel efficient ways for school buses to run, built skate parks to keep kids off the street, started disaster relief groups, launched peer tutoring programs, and more.

Youth Venture believes that the greatest contribution we can make to the world is to increase dramatically the number of changemakers today and in every future generation. This is the key factor for success for every part of society, from a school to a company to an entire country.

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